iReport PLUS Manual

iReport PLUS Manual

iReport PLUS is a powerful, rapid and industry leading reporting, data visualization and analysis to enterprises for apple ® computers. With iReport PLUS, business users have the flexibility to create, analyze, customize and extend their reports on demand. Through its well designed interface, allows users to construct complex reports in just a few minutes.

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iDentist Manual

iDentist Manual

iDentist is a patient-oriented software. This means that the core of the entire system is the patient – client. That’s why iDentist’s mainscreen always displays the list of patients. The patients list permanently located on the left side of the program’s main screen. Above this list there is a toolbar that allows you to:

  • Add new record
  • Delete a record
  • Sort records (ascending or descending)
  • Print a patient catalogue.

Over this toolbar, there is the already known search box that works as a filter for filtering the records that will be displayed in the list.
For example, if you want to list only the records of patients whose last name begins with AM, you do not have more but to write in this search box, and immediately iDentist will show in the list, only the patients whose last name begins with AM.

iDentist Main Screen
iDentist Main Screen

Every time you click on a record in the list, iDentist automatically shows the details of that record in the right panel of the screen. So simple. If you do changes in record data in the right panel, you must press the Save button that lays either on top or bottom edges of the right panel, to apply permanently the changes. You will find more details about adding and editing records in the next pages. The list of patients in the left panel, divides records into groups of 100 items (pages). So if you scroll down the list and you do not see the record that you want, change page by clicking on the navigation bar below the list. This is a common navigation bar and its operation is obvious. The first button of the navigation bar moves the list to show the records of the first page (the first 100 records). The last button moves the list to show the last page. For example if you have a total of 500 records in iDentist’s database, the last button of the navigation bar will move list to show records from 400 to 500. In the center of the navigation bar the page indicator shows the current page shown compared in total pages. For example an indication of 3/7 means that the list shows records of the third page in total of seven pages. The total number of records displayed under the navigation bar.

Seminars for the new Swift language started

Seminars for the new Swift language started

Swift is an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Writing code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and apps run lightning-fast. Swift is ready for the next iOS and OS X project. Swift code can work side-by-side with Objective-C.

Our OSX team already started the education to learn the new programming language, apple announced in the latest WWDC. Swift is the result of the latest research on programming languages. We hope that our experience will help us to to move from Objective-C to the new Swift. Apple claims that Swift will be even easier to read and maintain. This is very important to developers. If the new Swift language, make code cleaner and less prone to mistakes, kit is absolutely certain that it will drive to new more robust applications.



We believe that iDentist is the only software in AppStore that provides a unique tool for the accurate depiction of the patient’s mouth. MouthMap™ part of iDentist is a very sophisticated tool that will help doctor to keep snapshots of patient’s mouth over time. Using MouthMap you will know exactly what was the patient’s mouth condition for a given date.
iDentist is a patient-centric program easy to use. it keeps history records for the patient and allows you to print many useful reports from its data. iDentist uses iReport PLUS reports, giving you the ability to create your own reports*.
This software is identical for small clinics because can keep records separate for each doctor.

iDentist features:
• Very analytic patient records
• Historical records
• MouthMap™ depiction of patient’s mouth.
• Notes on every record.
• Dozen useful reports, and custom report creation* capability.
• Great search capability.
• Appointments Management with automated time calculation.
• Integration with iCal and appointments data sharing via iCloud.
• Xray records for each history record.
• Advanced Image Editor with annotation tools.
• Import Images via Cameras, Digital XRay Systems, Scanners etc.
• Payments management.
• Reports management.
• Export reports to PDF’s.

*Custom reports can be created with iReport PLUS software available for download via AppStore.

iReport PLUS


iReport enables you to easily design well looking reports and connect them to data source. Users can benefit from on-report sorting and filtering – giving them the power to execute decisions instantly with its powerful database engine. It is equipped with an easy to use SQL Composer that provides real time data snapshots based on query results. The software includes a complete data browser and a sophisticated designer giving you the power to create highly formatted reports for enterprise applications. As a result, you can leverage your reports to make better operational and strategic decisions for your company.
iReport it is also a great tool for Database Administrators and Developers.

* Can operate on data from sqlite, mySQL, OpenBase and PostgreSQL databases.
* Powerful designer with fast rendering engine for creating previews instantly.
* SQL Composer to construct complex SQL queries, and data preview.
* Formula Editor to create complex mathematic fields based on data from table fields.
* TextEditor for composing text fields based on database fields mixed with other text fragments.
* Complete collection of special fields such as current date, page number, counters etc.
* Report components are customizable and formable.
* Allows custom made sections (up to 12).
* Sections are formable and customizable.
* Fully parameterized graphic user interface.
* and many many other capabilities that you will find only by using this excellent piece of software.

iReport PLUS to iDentist Bridge

iReport PLUS to iDentist Bridge

iDentist can be extended by using reports created to comply to your needs, by iReport PLUS software. You can purchase iReport PLUS software from AppStore by clicking here.  iReport PLUS is the only report generator in AppStore and it is the only software that can create reports compatible with iDentist. Do not try to connect reports created with other software into iDentist, because you can loose data records. To continue with step by step instructions, in this document, we assume that the two applications iDentist and iReport PLUS are present into your system under the ~/Applications  folder. We will describe how to achieve the iReport PLUS to iDentist connection bridge via an example.

Before we start the step by step instructions we must know some details about our operating system. iReport PLUS runs smoothly in OSX Snow Leopard or later. This means iReport PLUS runs without any problem up to OSX Mavericks 10.9. This is not the same with iDentist that runs in systems at least with OSX Mountain 10.7 or later. Also you must know that iDentist runs in a Sandbox environment. Sandbox may cause some confusion to the user who tries to find where the application data are stored. Due to Sandbox iDentist does not store its database into an easy accessed folder, so it is almost unaccessible by iReport PLUS. Thankfully there is a clever trick that bypasses this problem and make things better. So for the first time, before use the bridge between the two programs, we must create its foundations.

To create a link to iDentist’s database folder:

Open a Finder window and from menu choose Go->Library. To see the Library sub menu you must also press the (alt) option key.


In the Finder window just opened navigate to folder Containers and open it by double click on it. In this folder you will find a sub folder named gr. enhance.iDentist. Open it by double clicking on it. Then you’ ll see an other folder named Data. Continue by opening the folder Library and next the folder Application Support. In this folder you will see a folder named iDentist. Drag and drop this folder on the left cyan side panel of Finder’s window.


You must do this little trick only for the first time. Once the link created, iReport can reach iDentist’s database. Please continue reading this document. In the following pages there are step by step instructions on how to create and connect a custom report to iDentist application.