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MouthMap™ Depiction Error

Thanks to Dr Steve Dixon, who found the errors in MouthMap™ depiction, we encourage all users to download and apply the fix.


To apply the update fix:

1. Download the fix file from here. Save the zip file into Downloads folder.
2. Unzip the file. You will find a file named update_mouthmap.sh (a simple unix script).
3. Open a Terminal window (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal).
4. In Terminal window write the following:
cd ~/Downloads  and press enter.
then write:
sudo ./update_mouthmap.sh and press enter.

The update script ends with a success message.
The MouthMap™ depiction is now corrected.

NOTE !!! : This update cannot be applied to iDentist versions downloaded from AppStore. Please contact our Technical Support to get a newer version that can be updated.

Atlas – Lafarge

Recently signed the contract awarding the project for construction of a particular application on behalf of the company Lafarge. The project includes the construction of a monitoring software for ship loading and unloading with bulk cement or raw materials. The application will be installed in the computer system of the cement manufacturing plant in Volos (known as Heracles). The need has arisen after serious failures of existing obsolete application running under an old Unix system.
The new application written from scratch in windows environment is based on the model Client – Server and uses database to SQL Server. Microsoft’s Visual Studio used as the development tool and Visual Basic as the programming language.

Atlas - 09

The application bundle consists of two separate applications:
* Controller shifts (Controller)
* And management application loading and unloading Atlas.

Conteoller - Atlas - 01

The controller is a windows service type application, which runs on specially configured server and aims to control and compliance with the rules governing the operation of the loading – unloading chain, plus users per shift.
Atlas is the basic client application that runs in user terminals.

Atlas - 10

Monitor all media loading and packing. It also monitors the arrivals and departures of ships, keeping a detailed calendar.
Through a sophisticated system of data entry Atlas application, monitors any interrupts or other events affecting the loading or unloading.
the application is also capable to display graphically situations different parts of the functional chain as for example the level of the products in the various storage silos.

Atlas - 06

The Atlas application should be ready to start testing on real working environment at the end of the year.

Some screenshots:

[imageeffect image=”590″ lightbox=”yes” target=”_self”]
[imageeffect image=”588″ lightbox=”yes” target=”_self”]
[imageeffect image=”580″ lightbox=”yes” target=”_self”]
iKino 1.0.1 GREEK

iKino 1.0.1 GREEK

A new innovative algorithm that combines mathematic probabilities, and enhanced statistics optimization and analysis is the hart of the latest release of iKino. iKino is an iPhone application that runs fast even in the first generation iPhones. Tested on iPhone OS 3.0 and later, promises to be a great tool in your hands. A tool that insures big amounts of profits without considering about luck. The new algorithm, a universal patent, works more efficient on statistics that can be downloaded automatically from OPAP web site. So in conjunction with the advanced statistics analyzing routine, you can win the most fast and interactive game Greek KINO by OPAP. iKino with Greek language interface is the must have application so give it a try…