iReport PLUS to iDentist Bridge

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iDentist can be extended by using reports created to comply to your needs, by iReport PLUS software. You can purchase iReport PLUS software from AppStore by clicking here.  iReport PLUS is the only report generator in AppStore and it is the only software that can create reports compatible with iDentist. Do not try to connect reports created with other software into iDentist, because you can loose data records. To continue with step by step instructions, in this document, we assume that the two applications iDentist and iReport PLUS are present into your system under the ~/Applications  folder. We will describe how to achieve the iReport PLUS to iDentist connection bridge via an example.

Before we start the step by step instructions we must know some details about our operating system. iReport PLUS runs smoothly in OSX Snow Leopard or later. This means iReport PLUS runs without any problem up to OSX Mavericks 10.9. This is not the same with iDentist that runs in systems at least with OSX Mountain 10.7 or later. Also you must know that iDentist runs in a Sandbox environment. Sandbox may cause some confusion to the user who tries to find where the application data are stored. Due to Sandbox iDentist does not store its database into an easy accessed folder, so it is almost unaccessible by iReport PLUS. Thankfully there is a clever trick that bypasses this problem and make things better. So for the first time, before use the bridge between the two programs, we must create its foundations.

To create a link to iDentist’s database folder:

Open a Finder window and from menu choose Go->Library. To see the Library sub menu you must also press the (alt) option key.


In the Finder window just opened navigate to folder Containers and open it by double click on it. In this folder you will find a sub folder named gr. enhance.iDentist. Open it by double clicking on it. Then you’ ll see an other folder named Data. Continue by opening the folder Library and next the folder Application Support. In this folder you will see a folder named iDentist. Drag and drop this folder on the left cyan side panel of Finder’s window.


You must do this little trick only for the first time. Once the link created, iReport can reach iDentist’s database. Please continue reading this document. In the following pages there are step by step instructions on how to create and connect a custom report to iDentist application.