iDentist Tables

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This document is useful to all dentists that purchased iReport PLUS to construct their own reports.
The tables are structured boxes that holds data. Each table consists by rows and columns. Rows are records. If you have 100 patients in your database. Then the Patients table has 100 rows. Every row is a collection of columns. Each column is like a small cell that contains the actual data. Every column has a name to refer to. All iDentist database structure is presented below:


Table structure for Appointments
“app_id”, record id number
“app_Date”, appointment date
“app_Patient_ID”, patient’s record id
“app_Time”, appointment time
“app_Notes”, notes on appointment
“app_Done”, indicates when the appointment is done or not – default value is 0 that means not done
“app_Date_String”, the appointment date as string


Table structure for Clinic
“cln_id”, record id number
“cln_ClinicName”, clinic name
“cln_Specialities”, clinic specialities
“cln_Address”, clinic address
“cln_ZipCode”, zip code
“cln_City”, city
“cln_Telephones”, telephones
“cln_TaxNumber”, clinic tax number
“cln_TaxOffice”, tax office
“cln_Notes”, some notes for the clinic
“cln_email”, email address (normally an accessible to all clinic members email address)