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Orders, is a real-time ordering system affordable to small or medium-sized commercial enterprises that use seller network. Orders development came to put an end to the costly special ordering devices,
iPhone into such a device!!! Thus the business without investing a single penny extra in computer equipment (such as would require also a classical ordering system), may receive from the sellers, online and in real-time their orders.
A seller using Orders application acquires an electronic partner that will help him improve his performance and profits.

The idea was simple:
Using cutting edge technology, with implementation to be full potential and compatible with the IT facilities of all businesses and of course does not require lots of money for the acquisition.
A discussion in short, the way of implementation Orders function is:
a) Company shares a common website with their vendors (fully secured) and through the site receives and sends files to and from the mobile phones of sellers who use Orders. The common website is a Dropbox folder * (the service is FREE), and more information can be read in www.dropbox.com
b) Orders application installed in sellers mobile phones, can sync via Dropbox to business management program ERP, no matter which ERP is this**!
Orders application is compatible with all commercial management programs or ERPs ***.
c) Using Orders the seller can find:
– File paths (or routes) to be able to organize his professional routine better and which customers will see in his every day job.
– A Customer file with full financial information (fiscal charts, statistics)
– An electronic Warehouse file with multiple measurement units, wholesale or retail prices etc.
– An Order file, with viewable statistics.
– Monitoring objectives in sales revenues and quantities by kind. With a special graphic system for calculating the target achievement rate.
– Can print in laser or inkjet printers, reports based on various application files.
– Ability to export records from application’s database to csv files for editing on a desktop computer using Excel, Numbers, or such appalications. (compatible with windows, linux, mac OSX).
– Import csv or txt file from any business management software or ERP ****.
– Send orders via internet onto company computers using Dropbox. He can also choose what orders to send.
– Actual orders are submitted in business as pdf files which can be printed or viewed.
In environments with multiple vendors or application Orders has the structure to facilitate the recognition orders which came from what seller.